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Hey, glad you're here! Are you fed up of feeling less than your best? Join the good vibe tribe.

We sweat, laugh, scream, push, pull, squat and lift together.

Fitness for everybody and every body. We get your mind right and your body tight. 

Join us to look good and feel amazing! 

It's your journey. 
We remind you 
you're awesome!

At FEELZ FIT we make you FEELZ FIT; physically, mentally & emotionally. 


Unique fitness classes & personal training.


We empower you to be authentically you.


We create sessions that work for your level now, & as you progress. 

Workout Facility

You can find us at our village studio in Studley B80 and online anywhere in the world with a little wifi and and device.


We're Not Your Average Fitness Space


We sit in a world where £64billion a year is spent on weight loss via

products and services. With marketing & social media that that tells you there's something wrong with you, you're not enough, you need this diet, that cream, this fad workout & so on.








That's all good, but over here we keep it real. Real food, Real workouts, Real sweat, Real targets, Real results!


Does that sond good?

If your answer is yes

Then Hit "I'm in"

Our Methods
Man Doing Pushup
Workout with Ropes
Dance Class
Strong Woman


Bring movement back into your life with our Functional Training Category We believe in training movements and not just muscles to help you improve your overall mobility, flexibility and balance. Our experienced trainers will help you master the essential movements for life and challenge your body in new ways.


Our ENGINE category boast classes including a mix of jumping, skipping, rowing, pedalling and burpees to keep your heart health in check. Come and join our classes and experience the ultimate endorphin rush with the best trainers in town!


Our Elevate category is the perfect stress-buster for anyone looking to improve their mood and get fit. Our classes include boxing, dancing, and other fun workouts designed to get your heart pumping and your body moving. Come join our fitness studio today and experience the fun and energizing effects 


Looking to build power and get in the best shape of your life?

Our Lift category has everything

you need to succeed. From calisthenics

using your

bodyweight to Barbell and Dumbbell movements, we'll help you build the strength you need to feel confident and

energized every day. Come in and lift

your way to a healthier, happier you!


Our Zen category

includes a multitude of classes designed

to help you relax and strengthen your mind and body.

We offer calming yoga classes, flexibility stretching, lengthening

and strengthening exercises,and invigorating Pilates sessions.

Our expert instructors

will guide you through

a transformative


that will leave

you feeling

re-energized and revitalized.

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