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Do you lack confidence and currently feel unhappy about the way you look & feel?

When you step on the scales, you’re the heaviest you’ve been…You dislike what you see in the mirror. You’re unfit, your clothes don’t fit, ultimately, you don’t feel like you anymore…

Are you too busy, lack motivation & have no energy?

Do you have a to-do list that doesn’t seem to get any shorter or are you at the bottom of the list of priorities? If so, you’re exhausted, and stopped doing the things that you love. Is it time to regain control?

Have you tried countless diets or FADS and not seen results?

Despite everything you’ve tried before, all your effort and will power, you either fell off the wagon or you didn’t get the results that you desire and you’re back to square one.

If any of these sound like you, your current situation is holding you back.

At FEELZ FIT, we pride ourselves on being more than just a gym. We deliver service excellence and we are committed to helping you achieve results that you desire. We have a team of professionals, alongside a community of like-minded members that will support you every step of the way on your health & fitness journey.


Our 6-week transformation is proven to help kickstart you into becoming the fittest, healthiest and happiest version of you. We are passionate about helping others achieve what they didn’t think was possible, in all areas of your health, fitness, lifestyle and wellbeing.

Included in our program…

Access to UNLIMITED sessions per week with a variety of times available across the week, so you can always fit your exercise in – no matter how hectic your schedule is. We suggest aiming for a minimum of x3 sessions.

A PROVEN nutrition guide – no need to starve yourself, count calories or follow crazy fads. This is an introduction to a diet plan you can follow for LIFE.

INVALUABLE support from both our coach and other transformee’s to ensure you reach your goals in a warm, friendly environment. You’ll NEVER feel alone.

EXCLUSIVE access to our private members site that delivers even more eating, lifestyle, mind-set and exercise to help you make the changes that quite honestly last a lifetime.


In just 6 weeks we will regain your body confidence by making you love the way you look and feel, we will help and inspire you to make regular exercise become part of your lifestyle, and most importantly, we will help you feel like you again.

See what our clients have to say….


We have so many happy clients that have grown stronger in body and mind, they love coming to our classes not only for the exercise but for the friendly group atmosphere. Hear from just a few of our clients…..

Gain confidence, lose weight and feel good about yourself in just 6 weeks



We have heard so many times before from people that come to us for help, that they are disheartened or de-motivated because they haven’t found something that works for them, they’ve tried various diets in the past that just aren’t realistic, they haven’t been able to stick to it, and any hard work that they do soon gets undone. It’s obvious from this that something is missing…

 What we have created is unique programme that works! Our client centred approach means that you, your needs and your goals are the most important thing. We want to achieve every success with everyone that becomes part of ALM Fitness. In order to succeed in this vision, we focus on all of the key elements ensuring they are covered for you…


No matter what fitness level, age or ability, we create a workout that is tailored to you. During our coach led sessions, you will train alongside others and be part of our fun, friendly and supportive fitness group. We focus on helping you move better, tone up, increase your fitness and help you get stronger. Our sessions will leave you feeling energised and motivated and we guarantee that you will always look forward to your next one…


Amongst the team we have experts in nutrition that will simplify food for you. We will teach you to understand more about the food that you eat, teach you how to create healthy habits and provide you with simple tips, ideas and recipes. Our guide to nutrition will set you on a path to eating healthy, nutritious and delicious food – a way of eating that is balanced and sustainable, for life. Stop focussing on how MUCH you eat, instead focus on WHAT you eat. You don’t have to eat less, you just have to eat right!


FEELZ FIT FITNESS Trainers and members are encouraged to support each other on their journey. We have an exclusive Facebook group dedicated to you – a invaluable support network that you can access away from our training sessions. The Facebook Group really helps you be part of a community and helps you feel accountable. Alongside the group, we will also provide you with all of the training and guidance by providing you with access to our Online Coaching Portal and Interactive Workbook.



Our transformations promote an adaptable, realistic and sustainable lifestyle change. No diets, no fads, no quick fixes, instead it’s an education programme that lasts forever. We are confident that if you follow our guidance, support and advice you will see results. If not, we are prepared to give you your money back. WIN: WIN.

If you’re ready to invest in your health, if this sounds like the exact thing that you need right now, and you want to make a change to your current situation become part of FEELZ FIT and start one of our transformations.

Getting started is easy – Click below to book a call with us
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